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Contact Lenses Evaluation

Contact Lens Evaluations

Tocker Eyes has years of experience fitting contact lenses, in even the most difficult cases.  If you’re interested in contacts, be sure to inform the doctor during your comprehensive eye exam. A contact lens examination may be a separate exam that requires additional testing than the standard comprehensive eye exam. During the examination, be sure to discuss your contact lens preferences with us. This may include daily disposable options, or even cosmetic contact lenses to change your eye color.

Dr. Tocker will fit you with a trial pair of lenses and examine a proper fit and prescription that’s right for you.  You can expect to schedule a follow-up contact lens eye exam within two weeks for further evaluation of how your eyes are adjusting to your contact lenses.

We believe it is important to emphasize that a contact lens is a medical device that requires routine care.  The lens must be a proper fit to work safely and correctly, and to be comfortable.  Seeing your eye doctor on a regular basis will ensure that you are wearing contact lenses with the most appropriate and up-to-date prescription, and that you’re caring for the contacts (and your eyes) correctly.

If you have any questions about the fit of your lenses, how to interpret your contact lens prescription, or any other questions about your contacts, please ask Dr. Tocker. We are here, not only to make sure you see clearly, but also to answer any of your questions or concerns.


Contact Lenses

We carry a wide variety of contact lenses including:

Acuvue Oasis®
Acuvue Oasis For Astigmatism®
Acuvue Oasis Multifocal®
Acuvue Moist®
Air Optix®
Air Optix Toric®
Aqua Comfort Plus®
Freshlook Colors®
Proclear Multifocal®
Pure Vision 2®
Purevision Multifocal®

We also specialize in Rigid Gas permeable lenses (RGP).

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