Treatment of Dry Eye

"Dry Eye" is a chronic condition that affects millions of people. Symptoms range from burning and stinging eyes, to feeling that sand is in the eyes. Another common symptom is excessive tearing. Dry Eye Disease is the number one reason why people stop wearing contact lenses. When the eyes become dry, the contacts lenses become blurry and uncomfortable.

Dry Eye Disease comes from many things. Medication for allergies and high blood pressure cause the eyes to become dry. Also a dry environment and computer use often creates dry eyes.

I specialize in treating and managing Dry Eye Disease. My patients find complete comfort without resorting to expensive and often ineffective artificial tears or prescription medications. Many of my patients are able to return to wearing contact lenses comfortably again after treatment.

If your eyes burn, sting, are red or irritated come in for a dry eye consultation. If your contact lenses have become uncomfortable or if you used to wear contacts your are perfect candidate for dry eye treatment that will restore contact comfort.