Eye Care & Exams

Comprehensive eye exams ... why they are important?

Many eye and vision conditions have no telling symptoms, so patients may be unaware a problem exists. Regular eye exams, which allow for early diagnosis and treatment, are essential for maintaining eye health and avoiding potential vision impairment or vision loss.

Eye Chart


  • Comprehensive Exams
    Each procedure helps to evaluate the overall health, strength, and vision of your eyes
  • Color Deficiency Tests
    Are you truly seeing a full spectrum of color? Your eye doctor can determine if you are
  • Contrast Sensitivity Tests
    Your ability to distinguish objects of similar color, and your ability to differentiate between lights and darks
  • Specialized Tests
    May include muscle tests, visual acuity tests, tests for color blindness, visual field tests, glaucoma tests

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Contact Lens

Evaluations Contact Lens Evaluation

Treatment Of

Dry Eye Dry Eye

Pediatric Eye Care

Eye Exams Pediatric Exam


LASIK Eye Surgery

Pre & Post-op Care LASIK


Management ... The Optic Nerve Ionosphere

Full Service

Optical Dispensary Optical Dispensary


Visual Field

"Side Vision" Testing Visual Testing

Cataract Testing

Degrees Of Visual Loss Cataract Testing

Fundus Photography

Back Of Your Eye Imaging Fundus Photography

Sports Vision Tests And Training


  • Hand-Eye Coordination
    Improved depth perception, and eye tracking ability ... your eyes follow moving objects.
  • Eye Tracking Testing
    Assess and improve how well your eyes follow moving objects
  • Computer Programs
    help you train your eyes to follow motion and develop faster reaction times
  • Just For You
    A sports vision specialist can work with you to create an individualized training plan
RTL Layout Baseball Vision
Golf Vision

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