Carpenter's Health & Welfare

You’ve got great health and welfare benefits coverage through the New England Carpenters Health Benefits Fund. Benefits include medical, dental, prescription drug, vision, accident and sickness coverage, life insurance and a Carpenters Assistance Program (CAP) that helps with personal and family issues not usually covered under a traditional medical plan.

The Health Benefits Fund is an employer-paid plan that provides family coverage to all members who meet semi-annual qualifying requirements.

Vision benefits include a routine eye exam and glasses once every two years for adults and once every year for dependent children. The Plan offers three different options for vision care:
The Davis Vision Program is a network of private doctors under contract to provide routine eye exams and eyeglasses. There is a select group of frames available under the Davis Vision Plan. Network doctors are located throughout New England. To find a doctor near you, call 1-800-999-5431 or visit their website at

The Optional Vision Benefit allows you to see any eye doctor you choose and receive a partial reimbursement. This option is available only to members of Plan I or Plan II or members from Locals 1996, 1891 and 118 who live in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont. Refer to your Summary Plan Description for details.

Retirees are covered for vision care if they are current with their union dues.

Health coverage is provided in six-month periods beginning on April 1 and October 1. To be eligible for full benefit coverage, a member must work a minimum number of hours during the qualifying periods of February-July and August-January. The hours that you are required to work may vary depending on where you work. Refer to your Summary Plan Description for details.

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