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Traditional Health Plans Weighing You Down?

With Customizable Coverage Benefits,
Self-Funded Health Plans Offer Increased Versatility At Reduced Costs.

We understand that choosing a self-funded health plan or consumer-driven health plan can seem complicated at first glance. With all the benefits and options available, how do you put together a plan that works best for your brokerage clients or company employees?

The experts at IAA make it easy. We work with you every step of the way to understand your needs and design the customized coverage solutions that work best for you.

We're confident that, by unbundling the services that traditional insurance providers lump together, we can help you design a better coverage and benefits package that provides significant cost savings for your company and its employees.

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Self-funded health plans help companies tailor their health care coverage and reduce costs by unbundling the services and options that traditional insurance plans group together.

IAA offers a variety of adjustable and interchangeable plan components that allow you to customize the consumer-driven health plan that's right for you and your employees. Click through the links below to learn more about IAA's wide range of plan options.

elf-funded health care plans replace traditional, off-the-shelf insurance packages by offering adjustable, customizable coverage options that improve benefits and reduce costs for employees and employers alike. Self-funded insurance allows companies and organizations to unbundle traditional insurance packages by creating their own plans specifically tailored to the needs of their unique workforce.

With self-funded insurance, each company determines their desired funding amount, using an insured stop-loss limit to control costs. If claims climb above that limit, your insurance picks up the difference. Unbundling allows you to design your own health care benefits and to get competitive bids on each of the elements, further reducing company costs. This funding arrangement gives you savings and cash flow alternatives.

In addition to these cost savings, with self-funded insurance your company holds its own claims reserves, which earn interest. If you have a good claims year, there's no middleman, so the savings are yours to keep. If, on the other hand, annual claims are high, you only pay up to your stop-loss limit and your insurer picks up the rest.

IAA has introduced many companies to self-funded health care plans. We work with you to design your program, pay and manage claims, establish a provider network and obtain stop-loss coverage.

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