Vision Service Plan

Looking for vision coverage that controls healthcare costs and improves employee productivity and retention? You need Smarter Vision Care™ from VSP.

Looking to provide your Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Special Needs, or Child Health Insurance population with an affordable vision coverage plan? We’ve got you covered. At VSP® service isn’t just answering questions with a smile – although we do that, too.

Through the early detection of chronic conditions our clients have saved $4.5 billion over two years. Control your healthcare costs and improve employee productivity with Smarter Vision Care™.

If you don’t have VSP, you could be asking your employees to pay substantially more in out-of-pocket costs

  • Nearly two times more at independent doctors
  • Up to three time more at national retail locations.

In a recent national survey, 8 out of 10 doctors rate VSP highest for delivering the best value and service to their patients2. See a doctor discuss how out-of-pocket costs can add up without the right vision benefits plan.

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