Vision Benefits of America

Vision Benefits of America (VBA) is a non-profit preferred provider organization (PPO) that has been delivering value-packed group vision benefits for 45 years!

We were one of the first PPOs in the nation to focus exclusively on managed vision care benefits for Corporations, Municipalities, School Districts, Health & Welfare Funds, Hospitals, and HMOs.

Through VBA’s nationwide network of participating providers, a covered member can receive ...

  • A Comprehensive Vision Exam!
  • High Quality Prescription Lenses!
  • A Fashion/Designer Frame!
  • A generous allowance toward the purchase of Contact Lenses!
  • A Preferred Discount for LASIK or PRK Vision Correction Procedures!

VBA plans provide a variety of choices for our clients. Things like ...

  • Varying Benefit Frequencies!
  • Optional Dependent Coverage!
  • Varying Copayments, if any!
  • Packaging the Benefit with the Medical, Dental or Prescription Drug Plans!
  • Offering VBA as part of a Flexible Benefit Package!
  • Self-Funding or Fully Insuring!

Whatever your specific benefit requirements, we will do our level best to accommodate them.

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