Topomax Warning

Hi everyone.  I attended seminars this past Sunday on new developments in medical eye care.  One key piont discussed was that patients using Topomax must have their eyes examined.  This drug has gained common use for the treatment of migraines and can have serious ocular side effects.  Thank you.

Eagles need to run

Everyone stay dry and safe during rain.  Should benefit the Eagles if they decide to run the ball.

Happy Halloween

Remember, I'm not a dentist so eat all the candy you wish.  

Hurricane Update

Hope everyone survived Sandy.  Our office was forced to close Monday and Tuesday.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.  Expect normal office hours the rest of the week.  I have also added and extra Saturday, November 10th.  Thank you, Dr. T.

Saturday Hours

Just a reminder that we have Saturday hours. 

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