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Happy New Year 2014

Pink Eye

Sports announcer Bob Costas' eyes became news while he was covering the Olympics.  He contracted such a severe case of "pink eye" that he was forced to take time off from work.  Pink eye is a sometimes contagious inflection of the white part of the eye and/or the eyelids.  It can be bacterial, allergic or viral. It can also come from contact lenses.  Pink eye must be treated early to avoid spreading.  I treat many cases of pink eye.  Please come in at the earliest symptoms such as eye redness or eyelids that feel like they are sealed shut in the morning.

Allergy Eyes

If you are watching the weather channel these days than you know the temperature is hot and the pollen count is high.  A lot of pollen in the air creates havoc with our allergies.  For the eyes, that means itching and burning.  If you are experiencing these symptoms pay us a visit, especially if you are a contact lens wearer.  Thank you.  Dr. Allan Tocker

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