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Omege 3

I have been studying the benefits of Omega 3's (fish oil) suppliments.  One such benefit is for the treatment of Dry Eye although there are many health benefits.  I have selected a company based upon effectiveness and high product quality.  I am now testing the product prior to introduction to my practice.  I feel that Omega 3 suppliments may greatly help my dry eye patients.  Look for more news in the near future.  Dr. T

Floaters are important

I had a patient recently that complained of seeing "floaters".  This is a very common complaint yet very serious.  Most of the time floaters are normal, the result of changes inside the eye of the "vitreous".  Sometimes floaters can be a symptom that the retina has torn.  In the case of my patients, indeed the retinal had suffered a small tear.  The patient was given a dilated retinal examination of the retina and the tear was repaired by a retinal surgeon.  Early detection of the retinal tear may well have saved the patients' vision.

If you see flashes or floaters in your vision seek an optometrist immediately to insure that your vision is not in jeopardy. 


Delaware Chamber

We are proud to annouce that we are now members of the Delaware Chamber of Commerce !!

Eyes Beware

Several patients came to me unable to see with their no-line bifocals.  The glasses had been made by large chain mall stores.  

I want to remind everyone that large chain stores often use lesser quality no-line bifocals.  This leads to difficulty adjusting to the lenses and visual symptoms such as difficulty reading. 

Please remember that NOT all no-line bifocals are the same.  The high quality lenses used in our office are easy to use, easy to wear and affordable.  Our optician is highly trained to take the proper measurements required for easy adjustment.



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