Must see movie.

Has nothing to do with eyes, but I highly recommend the new James Bond movie. 

DCAA Lecture Summary

Thank you to the Delaware Chinese American Association (DCAA) for allowing me to speak on the growing problem of nearsightedness in Asian countries.  80 to 90% of students are now nearsighted.  We discussed the problem, reasons and treatment options.  Having read several studies on the subject, I conclude that too much close work can cause excessive nearsightedness (myopia).  Also decreased exposure to outdoor light plays a role.  Interesting when we thought genetics was the primary reason for increased myopia.  Am going to start advising young patients to reduced intense close work such as video games and try to spend more time outdoors.

Dry Eye and Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is on the rise.  Many patients are diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.  The treatment is often a CPAC machine which supplies oxygen to the patient while they are sleeping.  The CPAP often involves a "mask" that the patient wears at night while sleeping.  This mask often contributes to dryness to eyes and symptoms such as stinging, itching, burning and tearing of the eyes.

If you are treated for sleep apnea and experience discomfort of the eyes please call the office.  Our staff will be happy to discuss treatment optons.

Thank you

Dr. Allan Tocker

office 302.995.9060

Happy Holidays

To all of our patients and families, have a happy and healthy holiday season.  Dr. Tocker and Staff.

Contact lenses and Dry Eye

Not a day goes by that I don't have a patient who is complaining that their contacts are feeling dry.  First choice is to try One-Day disposable contatcs.  One-Day lenses are becoming more popular due to their convenience and comfort.

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