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    At Tocker Eyes, we offer all types of eye care services including routine vision examinations, medical testing, eyewear, and contact lenses. We are dedicated to providing our patients with prompt, professional and friendly service.
  • Dry Eye Center of Delaware

    It is important that you discuss your symptoms with your Eye Care Professional. Most dry eye symptoms will remain without treatment and affect your quality of vision. 

  • Eye Care Done Right

    Our tests go beyond the standard eye chart and can help improve eyesight performance, including hand-eye coordination, improved depth perception, and eye tracking ability. We may suggest eye tracking testing to assess and improve how well your eyes follow moving objects.
  • Latest Optical

    Better vision is only a call away. Take a moment to browse through our site to learn more about the brands we carry, eyewear styles and how we can serve you. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Tocker Eyes knowledge about our various Name Brand selection of frames will help aid you in choosing the right frames for your maximum comfort and style.
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United Healthcare*

UnitedHealthcare Vision, a pioneer in the vision care industry, has been trusted for more than 40 years to deliver affordable, innovative vision benefit solutions to the nation's leading employers.

With a provider network of more than 28,000 private practice and retail chain providers, a state-of-the-art optical laboratory, and consistently updated benefits, UnitedHealthcare Vision truly is the clear leader in vision care.

Our Focus Is Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Premiums & Reduced Out-of-Pocket Expense- We have the best cost-containment record in the industry, delivered through effective provider contracting and our company-owned laboratory.
  • Attractive Benefits- Our In-Network frame benefit emphasizes member choice by providing a generous allowance toward the cost of virtually any frame on the market today. If the frame costs less than the allowance, the member has no additional out of pocket, other than applicable copay. If the frame costs more than the allowance, the member is only responsible for the overage, plus any applicable copay. The contact lens benefit covers the fitting/evaluation fees, contacts (including many popular brands, as well as disposables), and up to two follow-up visits—also in full.
  • Unmatched Network Availability- Our network includes over 28,000 private practice and retail chain providers nationwide, offering same-day service as well as evening and weekend hours.
  • Extensive Quality Assurance- Our providers are credentialed according to NCQA guidelines, and customer survey cards are issued with all glasses dispensed through our national laboratory system.
  • Flexibility- We have the ability to custom-design plans — and provider networks — based on specific client needs.
  • Ease-of-Use- The Vision Care Plan is 100% paperless. Plus, participants have three-pronged access through the interactive toll-free provider locator system, customer service, and online services.

United Healthcare Website

Dry Eye Center


What is Dry Eye ?

Dry Eye stems from an unhealthy state of our tear film. When we blink our glands produce tears that coat our eyes. These tears are made of three primary components to moisturize and lubricate our eyes. First component is the lipid layer, which prevents the tear film from evaporating.
Enter Dry Eye Center


Fashion Wear


Designs by Nicole

Our boutique environment allows easy frame selection. Many of our designer frames are handmade, unique and exclusive to our optical boutique. We also carry many one of a kind frames for every budgetOur optometry team understands that eyewear is more effective when it's comfortable and durable, so we give you plenty of stylish, flattering designer options to complete your everyday look. After your eye exam, browse our boutique center to see all the brands and styles we offer our patients. We work with top designers and eyewear brands to keep a stock of high-end designer frames. These glasses and frames will protect your custom prescription lenses while elevating your style and confidence, and we encourage you to express yourself and choose a style that works with your look.

Browse Our New Designer Frames ~ Flatter Your Face with Different Frame Shapes ~ Customize Your Prescription Lenses with Frames ~ Schedule an Eye Exam with Our Optometrist

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  • HELIUM Paris
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Adventurous French design marries fine Italian craftsmanship to deliver the chic and distinctive edge of the Helium Paris collection.
U S Army Eyewear

Innovative shapes, bold styling and the finest materials create premium quality, high fashion eyewear for contemporary, trend-setting men and women.


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      Tocker Eyes Choosing a doctor is a very important, personal decision. Many people find that doctor offices today have become more… READ_MORE
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